Thinking About Cape Coral Solar Pool Heaters?

Our talented team at Green City Solar, LLC. are available to help you with your solar installations and repairs. We will assist in providing you with all your solar needs and do our best to make sure you are another happy customer. Contact us for assistance with your solar hot water, swimming pool heater, solar electricity installation, and solar services.

We service all areas from Cape Coral to Ft.Myers and from Charlotte County, Lee County, Hendry County, and Collier County.

We also offer 0% down financing for qualifying solar systems!
Cape Coral Solar Pool Heaters!

Cape Coral Solar Panels

Thinking About Going Solar?
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Over 10 years of experience with solar installations and service, we are the top rated solar company in our area

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We pride ourselves on good quality work that gives back to the environment and gives our customers a means of alternative energy which leaves our customers more than satisfied!
Solar Electric-Solar Pool Heating in Fort Myers and Cape Coral

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In a SolarEdge installation, each PV module is connected to an intelligent electronic chip called a power optimizer. Power optimizers maximize solar energy production from each module separately and therefore reduce power losses. If an individual module underperforms, it won’t affect the performance of any of the other modules in the string. Every SolarEdge system further benefits from advanced monitoring that tracks and reports the performance of every module, and exceptional safety features. A suite of integrated smart energy solutions further maximize your energy production and energy savings.


We provide you with a wide variaty of solar services. From solar electric to solar hot water, our team will meet your needs when you choose where to buy solar panels.


From the smallest to biggest repairs, our team of techs will make sure your system is in the best working condition.


We offer multiple financing offers and give you the best savings in todays solar world. You also will be eligible for tax rebates in your area.


We also provide you with premium brand parts in today’s solar market. From beginning to end, we will install the best quality material and give you the best warranty available.

Who We Are…

Robert Olan - Cape Coral Solar Panels and Heating

Hello. My name is Robert Olan. I’m the owner and operator of Green City Solar here in Cape Coral.

I chose to work in this industry because I had a back ground of electrical, plumbing, and remodeling dating back to 2002. I started working in the solar industry back in 2009, I was able to utilize the skills I learned from past trades and realized I found my niche in life.

Working as helper at first then moving up to lead DHW installer, service technician, and then lead pool solar installer life was good I excelled very quickly at solar. I enrolled in Edison State College for business in the fall of 2010 and graduated with honors in the fall of 2013. After that decided to take the state exams, and passed to become a solar contractor in June 2014 opening my business that month. I take pride in my workmanship and never leave a customer unsatisfied.

Customer service is very important for me and the success to be the number one solar company in South West FL.

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